4 Amazing Facts About Dental Implants


People and blogs alike have been telling you about the amazing benefits of dental implants. Some have even perhaps conveyed certain myths about dental implants. We take you a little deeper into the concept and unravel some accurate information with these 4 amazing facts about dental implants.

1. Titanium implants are better than Zirconia

If you have read about zirconia implants being as good as titanium implants, you might want to reconsider a little bit! If you haven’t heard about zirconia implants yet, keep reading and you’d get an idea.

Zirconia implants are relatively new in the market and they come in one piece. This means two things. First, they haven’t been in the market for long enough to prove how durable they are against the proven durability of titanium implants.

Second, since they come in one piece, an oral surgeon would have a tough time adjusting the implant with your teeth in terms of alignment. Coupling that with the fact that they are more expensive than titanium implants gives you a clear green signal to choose titanium implants over zirconia implants, eyes closed!

2. Lost a lot of bone? You can still have implants

One popular belief is that if you have lost too much of your jawbone, you’d better choose dentures over implants. That’s one myth to debunk. With subperiosteal implants, you get a metal framework underneath your gumline that acts as the jawbone to support the implant.

This is less complex as compared to bone grafting, although both of the procedures can get you implants even if you have lost too much jawbone.

3. Dental implants are not stronger than your natural teeth

How many times have you read that due to the fact that they are made of titanium, dental implants are stronger than your natural teeth? In fact, this is what even some dentists tell their patients. So, time for some facts check!

The compressive strength of a dental implant is 182 MPa, while the compressive strength of the enamel and dentin of your natural tooth are 384 MPa and 297 MPa respectively. Thus, your natural teeth are surely stronger than any existing dental implants.

But one thing is for sure! They’re much stronger and more durable than any other form of dental restoration.

4. It isn’t feasible to restore a full mouth with dental implants

Yes, maybe not if you’re in your old ages (which you probably are if you’ve lost all teeth). However, those patients who still have a lot of life ahead, dentures still isn’t the better option!

With all-on-4 dental implants, it would only take 4 implants to restore all the teeth in either jaw. So 8 implants would restore your full smile! And you thought you’d need 32 of them?

Hope we could do debunk some myths besides disseminating some valuable information about dental implants, to help you decide on your own. Made up your mind yet? Get the best dentist for dental implants in Houston TX.

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